Having trouble with *1xx direct to voicemail

Having this weird thing going on when trying to transfer a call to a users voice mail. I should be able to setup the key to prepend a * and setup for ‘blind transfer’ - it works in other locations.

But this one fails to transfer, and on Asterisk CLI says :

[2021-07-29 12:44:05] ERROR[2376]: res_pjsip_refer.c:914 refer_incoming_blind_request: Channel ‘PJSIP/102-00000018’ from endpoint ‘102’ attempted blind transfer to ‘*[email protected]’ but target does not exist

Which is odd, because that user definitely exists, and definitely has voicemail enabled?

Any help/suggestions would be great. Am a bit stuck here.


Assuming that you don’t use it, in Admin -> Feature Codes, disable Contact Manager Speed Dials, which defaults to *10. If you do use it, change the code, or change the code for Voicemail Direct Dial Prefix.

If that’s not your issue, try calling *104 directly from an extension. If that fails, paste the Asterisk log for the attempt at pastebin.freepbx.org and post the link here.

If calling *104 from an extension works, paste the complete log for the failing blind transfer attempt.

Thanks @Stewart1 !

So I tried dialling *104 as you suggested, didnt connect. I had already set the speed dial to **10 for custom feature code.

When you mentioned Voicemail Direct Dial, I thought I would go check that – somehow - and i have no idea how or why - it was set to *00 for Voicemail Direct Dial. I switched it back, and voila!

Thanks again

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