Having trouble updating an issue in GoogleContacts

This is probably down to my git inexperience.

I have spotted two things (on github/POSSA):

  1. In release/13.0, the version of source-GoogleContacts.php is missing a correction that is in release/2.11 (but not 12.0 or 13.0). I don’t know how to create a pull request to correct that one file between those branches, sorry.

  2. In further testing I have discovered a further obscure error mode (it only triggers if you have somehow corrupted a prevoisly stored access token, no idea how you could do that, but there you go, it should be handled well) - where should I apply a correction for this to?


I am unsure what you are asking?

This should be resolved. We have to merge from 2.11 -> 12 -> 13

I’m asking which branch I should try to put a corrected version of the code in. git defaults to updating 2.11 (and my attempots to force it otherwise seem to have inconsistent results, doubtless my erroneous understanding), but perhaps I should be putting the corrected code in 12.0 or 13.0. However, given,

I assume I should wait for that, after which it wont matter? Or after that will 13.0 become the default branch?

Does that clarify the question?

Wait for what?

Open Pull Requests against 13.0

“Default branches” are a github only feature and have no bearing or relevance to how pull requests are generated.

OK, will do my best to do this.