Having some questions with setting up VPN

Been struggling with getting VPN working on FreePBX/PBXact, and I was typing out some questions and then bam I just sorta figured it out.

There is one thing that is a bit odd to me though. Let me document what I have setup (modified from default) and then I will ask below.

** Endpoint Manager Global Page **
√ Internal Address - IP address of my PBX, not VPN address
√ External Address - FQDN of server
√ Ports listed are 4 - 2 each secure and not secure

** Endpoint Manager Sangoma Page **
√ Duplicated the default template and renamed it to default_vpn
√ Default Internal- no
√ Default External- yes
√ SIP Destination- Local PBX address (not VPN address!)
√ Privision protocol - HTTPS
√ Provision address- external
√ PhoneApps Protocol - HTTPS

** System Admin > VPN Server > Settings **
√ Server Range, left alone
√ Server Remote Address, is public IP
√ Redirect GW? No
√ Routes- has listed and No

** System Admin > VPN Server > Client (editing one) **
√ Use DDNS - no
√ Use Server Remote Address - yes

Steps I took to get VPN online:
√ Booted phone, selected external login and logged in
√ Phone reboots, all URLs are external URLs, great.
√ Phone is NOT on VPN, so I go into the Extension Mapping of Endpoint Manager and edit it, assign vpn profile to user
√ Reboot system

When it reboots, it detects VPN configuration, and this time when it attempts to load the config, background, and ring tones, it is loading from, which is the VPN server address and does not have a valid SSL that I know of. It is also setting as the SIP server as well, even though its supposed to be the local lan address.

Question (finally, right?) : Why is the phone changing out the address it connects to with the VPN server address (and how to address this?) ?


Any takers here? Is anyone here seeing this issue?

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