Having receptionist transfer parked call to extension

Update: Nevermind, I guess my brain is burnt out today. In-Call Attended Transfer! Duh! hehe

I’m hoping my recently overtaxed brain is missing this simple sounding process, so hoping someone can shed some light!

I have a FreePBX setup, all calls work great. Testing stuff with x-lite codes (so I understand better) but will be using Yealinks.

I have my cell phone number as a custom extension (extension 9198), and I can call it from my office phone (extension 199) on the network fine. But this is what I need to do…

  1. Incoming DID call from trunk rings receptionist Tina’s phone (199)
  2. Receptionists Tina answers call, it’s bob and he needs to talk to George (me) right away, but I’m out of the office.
  3. Tina either puts him on hold or in a parking lot, and calls me on my cell phone (Custom Extension 9198), I answer, Tina asks if I’d like to talk to Bob, I say sure.
  4. Tina somehow transfers Bob’s call to my extension/cell and is allowed to hang up, allowing me and bob to have our conversation.

How do I pull this off?

Thank you in advance!

One thing Tina could do is not put him on hold or park him. Tina can do an attended transfer to your custom extension if you pick up the call Tina completes the transfer. If you do not take the call Tina can grab the call and handle it by taking a message or transfer to your voice mail.