Having problems with Snom phone after upgrade to 2.2.3

I am using a Trixbox install which was running quite well with a 2.2.2 install of Freepbx. My remote phone is a snom 320 and under that revision was working fine without a problem.

I upgraded to 2.2.3 and everything looked ok until looking at the list of my sip peers I see that my remote snom 320 phone is unreachable.

I double/tripled checked all of my nat settings on both sides and for what ever reason my snom 320 phone is still at status unreachable.

It registers itself but, when I dial out it does that fine but does not pass audio to the snom 320 phone.

I am seriously scratching my head here.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Did your sip_nat.conf get overwritten?

sip_nat.conf is not supplied with the distro - so it should not have gotten overwritten.

I ended up doing a restore from a previous backup.

I bet your allow= statements for your codecs got overwritten. By any chance were you using GSM or g729?