Having problems revceving fax with FreePBX 2.7

Hi everyone,

I have FreePBX installed with all modules to the latest versions. I am trying to enable receiving fax on a SIP DID. My asterisk version is Here is what I have done to enable receiving fax:

  1. Created a new user(200) with fax enabled and e-mail for fax provided but no device associated with this user.

  2. Enabled detect fax for the inbound route, set user 200 as the destination if fax is detected.

When the fax comes in on that route the execution doesn’t go to ext-fax macro.

I found this line in [ext-did-002] context

exten => XXXXXXXXXX,n,Set(FAX_DEST=from-did-direct^200^1)

Shouldn’t this line be

exten => XXXXXXXXXX,n,Set(FAX_DEST=ext-fax^200^1)

When I changed this line in extension_additional for testing I started receiving faxes. Is this a bug? Or am I creating the fax stuff wrong in FreePBX? Please help.


So the clue here is that FreePBX isn’t detecting SpanDSP. If it doesn’t detect it, it won’t build a dialplan for it. I have to defer to someone who knows that code better than I.

I am impressed you got SpanDSP working with 1.6.2 – it’s something I couldn’t ever get working.

Well, it does detect it and does create the dialplan for it. It just that it is calling the wrong macro in one place that is why call doesn’t get routed to right place. If I manually update to call the right macro then everything works till I do a reload from the FreePBX.

Is your FAX module loaded and licenses good?

module show like fax
fax show licenses

Do you get good results?

I am using SpanDSP so no licenses needed. I do receive the Fax as soon as I replace the “from-did-direct” with “ext-fax” as mentioned above.