Having Issues with phones becoming unreachable

I have Linksys IP phones SPA942s. I’m getting issues with the phone becoming unreachable after a while when it changes the port it uses. I have all the ports open on my firewall but still will get randomly dropped and my extensions turn unreachable. Is something on my firewalls end or my phone systems?

I would suspect your router. Probably something to do with SIP ALG. What router are you using? Is SIP ALG turned on? Are there timers/values for timers? Generally I set timeouts to 3600 and things are fine.

set everythign to 3600. It worked for me last week on another brand of router. Or try turning SIP ALG off, which did not work. Better yet, dump the Sonic Wall for something like a Cisco RV042. Sonic Wall is notorious for saying they are “SIP Aware,” or “SIP Compliant,” but they whack SIP signaling with Asterisk. Use them with a MetaSwitch, no problem. I stay away from Sonic Wall.

I have a sonicwall that has Sip transformations which is supposed to be it’s SIP ALG and that is on, the signaling inactivity timeout is 1800 seconds and the sip media inactivity is 120 seconds. I’m guessing the router is dropping the packets but i have all the ports open.