Having issue placing calls from extension, receive calls fine

Im not sure if I have the outbound trunk right or not.

I have two sip trunks prime and secondary I believe

I have originally have g0 zap trunk and I added a second zap with #1 instead g0 to see if that allowed me to call out from an extension. that did not work.

Im not sure if I have to have a dial 9 to get out or if my outbound is not set right.

My out bound route is

Route Settings

Route Name?: Outbound
Route CID:? None Override Extension? No
Route Password:? None
Route Type:? Neither Emergency nor Intra-Company
Music On Hold?? default
Time Group:? permanent
Route Position? no change

Additional Settings
PIN Set?: none
Dial Patterns that will use this Route?
Dial patterns wizards?: none

Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes?

SLot 0 zap g0
Slot 1 zap 1

Anyone know of a freepbx ventrilo community, for help? lol.

When Setting up an outbound, use calling prefixes.
Never add the calling prefixes to trunks.