Having DTMF passthrough issues on Polycom 500/501 phones

I recently upgraded to FreePBX 2.10 and I am not sure whether this was true after I upgraded to the latest version of FreePBX, but I noticed that dial tones don’t seem to consistently pass through. I can press 0, but multiple digit extensions don’t seem to pass through properly. I can tell that my SIP trunk is passing the tones through because I can use a softphone and the dial tones pass through. I was told that I should look towards a upgrading the firmware of the phone, but I don’t see newer firmware for either phone. Any suggestions?

Those are quite old.

It’s not a pass through issue, it’s the DTMF setting on the phone and the server. They need to match.

Make sure you have both the extension and the phone itself set for RFC2833.

Also it’s referred to as DTMF or “Touch Tones”, dial tone is the 440hz tone that indicates the phone is ready to receive digits.