Haven't receieved a valid response


We had a single trunk with a IVR setup (on a temp number and working correctly.) I have just added another trunk with 3 channels and a new DDI.

I’ve added both inbound and outbound routes, configured extension use the Outbound Route based on callerid. Calling out works fines.

The inbound route doesnt and we just get a “hasn’t received a valid response”.

The IVR was working before hand, i’ve checked the firewall is correctly configured.

To me this suggests the caller can’t hear the IVR and it’s timing out.

I can’t imagine this would be related to NAT settings as the other trunk is working fine and as far as im aware there isn’t any trunk specific NAT settings

Your post is hard to understand.

Why another trunk (different provider, provider doesn’t permit multiple numbers on the same trunk, something else?)

Do calls to the temp number still work correctly? If not, what goes wrong?

When the new DDI is called, what if anything does the caller hear? If you route it to an extension, does the extension ring? If so, when you answer it, is there audio in either direction?

Is PBX in cloud or on-site? On a public IP or behind a NAT? If cloud, which platform? If on-site, router or firewall? If virtual, which platform?

Have you or Can or you have the call terminate to an extension? Then you could test if you are not getting far end audio at all, or if it is just not recognizing the DTMF.

It’s a hosted system with remove extensions.

I have 2 trunks with a 2 locations, a trunk per location. This is to stop one location using all channels.

Trunk A is setup and works fine. Trunk B i’ve just added.

Since last night I’ve duplicated trunk A into a new Trunk and edit the Trunk details (IP from our supplier is different). The inbound route for this new DDI goes to a time condition (this works as expected and goes straight to a voicemail), the time condition has just changed and we are now getting a invalid response error even though it’s meant to go to the IVR.

I’m thinking it’s an IVR issue.

After looking at the log files i can Asterix is trying to play the file but can’t

[2019-01-31 09:06:22] WARNING[9569][C-00000ab8]: file.c:774 ast_openstream_full: File custom/mowmacreaa does not exist in any format
[2019-01-31 09:06:22] WARNING[9569][C-00000ab8]: file.c:1247 ast_streamfile: Una ble to open custom/mowmacreaa (format (alaw)): No such file or directory
[2019-01-31 09:06:22] WARNING[9569][C-00000ab8]: pbx_builtins.c:1100 pbx_builtin _background: ast_streamfile failed on PJSIP/Mowmacre_Hill-00000955 for custom/mo wmacreaa

After looking into this some more i may have found the issue but not the fix. If i change the drop down (File List for English) to English United Kingdom, the recording is there. I’m just not sure how to select it.

EDIT: Sorted it, on the inbound route the language was set to Default. The system recordings for the IVR were United Kingdom. I’ve changed the Inbound Route language to UK and it’s now working.

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