Have you seen us lately? Schmooze launches FreePBX/PBXact Video Collection

In our continuing efforts to document ongoing enhancements to FreePBX we have recently launched a video site that will serve as a repository of FreePBX and PBXact related videos.

We currently have videos outlining the use of FreePBX Commercial Modules, FreePBX Installation, XactView, PBXact Phone Apps, and using the FreePBX Portal for support and installation of commercial modules.

The new video site will have content updated weekly or as quickly as our marketing department can put together new videos for you!  If you have a suggestion for a particular subject that you are interested in seeing on the site please contact us.

Visit our video site

Additional FreePBX information can be found on our wiki.

Preston McNair- on behalf of the FreePBX and Schmooze Team!