Have to press "dial" twice to retrieve parked call

Recovering after a total PBXAct 60 hardware failure… Mostly working on restored fpbx v14.0.16.11

After parking an incoming call, the person retrieving the call must press “dial” twice to retrieve the call. Before it was just a single press. Had to uninstall Parking Pro because that wasn’t even working correctly; hanging up on people instead of parking them.

What logs and configurations do I need to look at (or post)? I’ve exhausted all my ideas.

I dealt with that for well over a month, even got support involved and their determination was it was some issue on my network but couldn’t say what. I highly doubt that it is as I changed both switch and router/firewall (for unrelated reasons) and the problem persisted. Never did get a resolution.

Older digium D70, D40, D45 phones.

Hope you didn’t have to pay for the lowly constructive and specious “resolution that it was some issue on my network but couldn’t say what” :slight_smile:

I did not…

who next?

The network didn’t change at all in my case. Not one bit (outside the freepbx install’s own firewall). When the PBXAct went out (VRM meltdown due to cheap cap) I lost the SSD.

Hail Mary’d a two month old backup on to an old PC with a similar version (was restored on Then this started.

When I hit “dial” the first line button lights up so something is starting. If it is a network issue, it’s with the firewall on the server and I didn’t do it.

yep, mine either. My switch and firwall change were after the problem existed and it persisted afterwards.

honestly for me, the site involved is the oldest site for that particular client. They’re due for all sorts of upgrades. The issue isn’t a show stopper and they’ve put me on other issues at other sites that are more important to them. I spent way too much time trying to figure it out already and it’s the only site out of dozens that has the issue.

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