Have the CID of the number who called to the extension to which the call was transfered


I have a situation that is:

Extension 30 answers call’s to DID 999555111, and when it does, the user call’s extension 40, talks to the person, and then transfers the call, but the inbound CID is not forwared to extension 40, which is also correct 'cause the last person who talked to extension 40 was extension 30.

Question is, how to forward the inbound CID to extension 40, like if it was a direct transfer from extension 30 to extension 40?

Thanks in advanced,
Jorge Bastos

Do you have trustrpid and sendrpid set for each extension? This is also dependent that your endpoints support CONNECTEDLINE.

Hi Alan,

Hum… trustRPID is ON, but sendRPID not, I believe I should set it to: “Send Remote-Party-ID Header” and not “Send P-Asserted-Identify Header”, right?

For the CONNECTEDLINE on the endpoint, how can I check that? I’m using yealink phones.