Have FreePBX Press 1 on Answer?

Is it possible to have a FreePBX virtual extension press 1 after answering a new incoming call? Any help would be appreciated.


Virtual Extensions do not “answer” calls in that way. They accept calls and then route them to a “local” destination, either Voicemail, Follow-Me, etc. However, what you want to do is achievable. It is just going to require it all be custom done.

You will need to route your incoming calls to a custom context that will Originate a Local channel to call your “virtual extension” which is nothing more than another context in the dialplan. When that “virtual extension” answers it will bridge the original call and the “virtual” call together and you can use SendDTMF to send DTMF back over the channel to the “caller”.

That’s a very rough scope but like I said, it’s all going to be custom work.

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