Have active up pri on Dahdi but no lines

I see help items talking about provisioned BRI in dahdi but i see no way to provision PRI.

as a newbie what am i missing?

I have VOIP up on sangoma freepbx ver 13. trying to get old lines up.

Primary Rate Interface is a way to deliver more than two channels to a location - in theory, it’s a T1 (24 channel synchronous multiplexed Data Service circuit) with one channel dedicated to the controlling the other 23 channels.

In DAHDI, you configure a PRI line like a T1, but with 23 channels instead of 24. There are a couple of other options that you might need to set, but your circuit engineer should be able to help you with the options.

An ISDN circuit is basically a two-channel version of the same thing. One channel is a control channel and the other is your telephony data channel. One of the channels is your Basic Rate Interface, or BRI.

This is obviously super over-simplified, but that should get you started. If you have an ISDN circuit, you should have a single BRI (possibly two, but you’d know that if you did). So, in the DAHDI configuration documentation, just look for the information that pertains to setting up ISDN circuits.

thanks for this.

We have a single ISDN BRI (Ireland called BRA) is shows span 1/0 and span 2/0 up and active.

I think this is up and running see below:

Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret Blocked State Description
pseudo default default In Service
1 from-digital en default In Service
2 from-digital en default In Service
4 from-digital en default In Service
5 from-digital en default In Service

Dahdi PRI Spans

PRI span 1/0: Up, Active
PRI span 2/0: Up, Active

I am new to asterrisk but worked in telco and run IT support so trying to get the customers to recieve over ISDN and call out on either.

thanks again.

OK. Sounds like you need to set up your trunks. You probably need to check your DAHDI configuration and make sure your groups (not to be confused with ring groups or pick-up groups) for your DAHDI trunk are set up correctly.

Once you have that, you should be able to set up the trunks with g0 (DAHDI group 0) that allows either line to be used for incoming or outgoing. After that, it’s just like setting up any other set of lines.

have created a dahdi trunk as seen in following pics:

what is the best way for ext to choose this trunk from default?

and best method of assigning incoming to ext?