Have a paging group need to automatically dial out to 911 what's the best way to do it

I have a paging group and im trying to make it automatically dial out 911 when its triggered whats the best way of doing this? Any help is appreciated.

Hi Roman and welcome to the forums!

I know this isn’t the answer you are looking, but what is your end-goal here? What are you trying to achieve. IMHO, this is a bit wrong. Perhaps if you can better explain your needs we can help.

Assuming you want that when someone dials 911 that their conversation should be broadcasted to a paging group? If so, Paging Pro allows you to do that. See outbound notifications: Page Pro - PBX GUI - Documentation

Hello, thank you for the reply and let me try to explain better so I have a paging group and we would want that to trigger a 911 call automatically and have a file play when the call is picked up, end goal is when they call the paging group it dials 911 automatically then play the audio file that we have.

Generally, current law require a sentient being involved with an e911 call.

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