Have 3 business numbers, how can I know which one has been called?


I am really new to all this and am running FreePBX

I have 3 businesses and would like to know which business has been called. I purchased different SIP phone numbers for each business and have been told that it can be configured so that my Polycom 550 phones can display the name of the company that has been called if I have all this.

I have taken a fairly comprehensive look around the software to see how and where this may be done but cannot get my head around it as I am not used to all the abbreviations etc. When I Google the abbreviations it just starts to confuse me more, I would be eternally grateful to anyone that could explain how to do this.

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Why would you Google the fields in FreePBX? If you hover your mouse over the word a “tooltip” will popup with a description of what that field is for.

In the inbound route for each company the field “CID Prefix” has the following tool tip:

[quote"You can optionally prefix the Caller ID name. IE: If you prefix with “Sales” a call from John Doe would appear as “Sales:John Doe” on the extensions that ring.[/quote]

Is this what you are looking for?

I wasn’t sure what a DID was etc.

That may be it.

I have tried making some changes on the PBX and restarted the phone etc and the setting I have put in are not coming up. I must be doing something wrong.

I would like my phone to say “Company 1 Ltd” if one number is dialed, “Company 2 Ltd” if another number is dialed etc.

You have three numbers for your VoIP provider, correct?

So you must have three inbound routes, 1 for each DID. In those routes you put the information you want prepended to the Caller ID.

The route should point to the phone you want to ring or the ring group of phones you want to ring.

I thought that was the case so have entered details in the following boxes:

Description: Name of company

DID number: the DID number related to that company

Set Destination: Ring group - ring all

I have restarted the phone and it is still not working.

I have also noticed that I have DID numbers and SIP numbers. I have done this with a DID number and it is not working. Would it also work with a SIP number or does it have to be a DID?

I don’t know what a SIP number is.

You need to look at the log to make sure you have your trunk setup properly and to see exactly what digits your provider is sending you.

You can acheive what you want by going to the FreePBX Administration web page.

Select “Setup” on the left hand column and then select the module entitled “Inbound Routes.”

Set up a separate inbound route for each DID you have, and program the “CID Name Prefix” to be something different for each inbound route. For example, one DID could be L1-, another could be L2- and another could be L3-. Then when someone calls in, the name field on the Caller ID will be prefixed with L1- L2- or L3- and you’ll now which # they called.

For more general information on configuring FreePBX, I’d consult these resources:



You need to be sure what DID is coming in on each line. The easy way is remove all the inbound routes and call each line in turn, asterisk will answer saying the number is not in service followed by the did number. Once you have that set up your inbound routes with each of the DID numbers.

@ AdHominem, I did as you said and it has worked just fine, thank you.

The DID for some reason was the last 6 numbers of the total number so that is why is wasn’t working before.

I’m also a little confused as I have 5 phone numbers but only two seem to have DDI or DID invite format, the remainder say “SIP: Account Number” as the invite format?

I assumed that they would all be DDI/DID? What does this mean?!

I don’t know, but I think the person to ask would be the support personnel at your VOIP provider.