Has Day/night control gone?

Just downloaded and installed the latest stable version of freepbx from the distro.

I can’t find day night control, I looked in module admin but it wasn’t there eather. I can see that there is an override code in time conditions but from what I have read I believe the override resets the next time the time condition changes. I can see that you can set a permenant override using the web interface but can’t find a way of doing it on the phone.

Temporary is ok if you want to go home early one day and need to put night mode on earlier than it would automatically go on. Automatic switching resumes the following morning.

I’m looking for the a manual override that stays overriden until you un-override it.

any help please


Renamed to Call Flow Control in 2.10

Ah there it is, it works nicely, I like the faciclity to record your own prompts for activation and de-activation.