Has anyone used Windstream SIP Tunks?

As the topic says, has anyone worked with Windstream. I spent hours the other day trying to get a simple call to go through. Most times it was no audio. They decided to have G729 as their preferred codec. We persuaded them to change thet to 711 but that didn’t work either. Now they want us to install a 2nd nic in the system for some reason. Does anyone have a cheat sheet on their settings? The system was checked by using another carrier and it worked perfectly.

Hi Ed,

Can you post your trunk config (replace private info like secrets with xxxxxxxxxx)? Myself and some of the more skilled ninjas will try to look for common pieces to try.

Hi Overkill,

Thanks for the offer. I found out last night that the other technician working on this onsite finally got a “ty this” from them. It was a registration string and then all worked except for one way audio. Windstream owned up to the issue and will work on it on Monday. Once this is working I am going to copy the settings and keep them for next time.

I think I am going to suggest to the developers that they query the community for registration setups for the trunk providers that are being used. That would sure help out.

Thanks and have a great weekend!