Has anyone used VeloCloud to help with QOS in voice traffic?

Does it really work for things like bandwidth throttling to ensure good voice quality? And if they start using a PBX outside of their network (like a hosted FreePBX instance) can they use some kind of proxy server in their network to insure this voice quality between the proxy and all the remote employees?

My first reaction was this, but I thought I’d ask to see if anyone has any first hand experience.

QOS needs to be implemented and honored at every routing point between your endpoints or it won’t work, so IMHO it is just smoke and mirrors unless they deliver you a network “on premise”. Generally the only throttle will be between your and you ISP sharing traffic between VOIP and “other stuff” barring restrictive policies applied by cable companies etc.

With how vague thier website is on what they actually do, I’m calling snake oil.

To me it looks like a cloud managed VPN device with WAN optimization. Could it help? Possibly, but it’s the same thing as setting bandwidth limits and QoS on your VPN links. It will do nothing if your ISP sucks. If you have poor quality on your internet links, this isn’t going to help.