Has anyone tried FreePBX or its variants over Satellite Internet?

Just wondering if anyone has tried FreePBX or any of its variants over a static satellite Internet connection. I will have the opportunity in the Spring to try such in a wilderness area but we worry about latency in a sat connection and how that might affect the call, its quality etc.

We figure that the Satellite is geo-synchronous at an altitude of about 26.4K miles. 4 round trips (up and back twice…), so a normal hello being transmitted and answered might require 105760 miles of speed of light transmittance. Light travels at a speed of 186K miles/second. If the total 4 X satellite-only path is 106K miles, the time for this satellite-only delay is 106/186 X 1 second or 0.57 seconds. So the theoretical best lag, assuming zero Internet server exchange times (which is a bad assumption), would be about 600 mSecs. We could get times of 1 second which might be bad.

Just thought I’d ask before hand what we might expect if anyone has tried it.


You are absolutely right in your analysis, anything more than about 120 milliseconds and a duplex voice solution approaches unacceptability subjectively . You need to think of that link as a simplex (one way at a time) communication path for voice much like an old fashioned shortwave link. (been there, done that)