Hardware Recommendation

Building a new PBX to replace our current one which is getting old. Currently have Asterisk 1.4 running on a Dell 860. Any recommedations / success stories for server hardware? Thanks.

Anything Supermicro works great for me.

We also use a ton of the HP Proliant DL series stuff.

Since you gave us no clue on the size of the deployment and Asterisk/FreePBX runs well on everything from Atom’s to Hex core Xeon’s.

Thanks, here is a bit more info: about 50 users, a support department which receives moderate traffic, 3 T1 ports supplied by a Sangoma card, lots of conference bridge use, mostly SIP but we keep a couple analog channel banks around.

What form factor (rack mount or tower)? Home much call recording? How many and what type of expansion slots?

Thanks again, more to consider than I thought. Rack mount, just about everything that goes through our support dept gets recorded. At least two PCIe expansion slots.

I would go with an HP DL360 series.

If you are into reconditioned stuff DL360 G5’s are available at a great price.

You need a multicore processor of around 1.8G and 4G of RAM. Try to go with the SAS drives if possible, they are much faster. We have run RAID 5’s with the 2.5 SATA’s also.

One of the other great things is the HP Redhat utilities allow you to monitor and configure the server from within Linux.

Very helpful. Thanks.

I have purchased servers from these guys, this is a perfect system for what you are trying to do: