Hardware Recommendation for ISDN PRI card

We will soon be using a Telstra ISDN PRI line. We would like a recommendation of a make & model of PRI card that is reliable and works natively with Asterisk.

Does anyone have experience with ISDN cards that interface with Telstra PRI lines, do you have a suggestion on a make/model we should use.

Of course Digium cards will work for your PRI without having to load any extra drivers. I also saw some postings when I googled for Telstra PRI where people used a Digium T1 card.

If you want a more affordable but high quality card, I recommend an OpenVox D110P or D110E for your single span PRI. They use the same drivers and configuration in Asterisk will be the same as with Digium.

yes, openvox is ok, you also can use digium or sangoma card if the cost of that is not your concern.