Hardware question - Intel NUC

Looking into buying hardware for a small office FreePBX system. 4-5 lines max and basic phone functionality.

Thoughts on this single core atom?

Intel DE3815TYKHE - just released single core atom fanless design


I like the idea of the Intel NUC (multiple models). I can buy an extra external power adapter on site - and also put an SSD.

Heres another model. http://www.logicsupply.com/dn2820fykh0-s/

What about the celeron atom?

lot’s of folks use to run on the little falls which was a single core atom and it did ok. If there is a dual core atom for a comparable price I would jump on it instead just because more is better even if you don’t use it. For the number of users you have it shouldn’t be too bad. The things that may eat you alive are transcoding, Recording, MOH. but 5-10 instances of any of these is probably not to bad.

celeron atom? no such thing… thoughts on the celeron Intel NUC?

Don’t underestimate the NUC’s, DC53427HYE has 4 cores of 64bit I5, vt-d and 3 video ports, way more powerful than an atom and more than enough balls for your desktop of choice and qemu running an asterisk box and even a windows machine, an ideal quiet and green solution for your primary desktop or your “put it under the sink” clients.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: I guess the i3 or i5 NUCs or celeron would work better - i just like the idea of fanless. One less moving part to worry about. Hope Intel makes a fanless with dual core soon.

dicko, you’re right…lots of potential with the NUCs. Pretty cool they make them with core i5’s too.

I am putting 400 analog extension on a 525 dual core with 8G this should be interesting. Since they are on T1’s connected to Cisco gateways they don’t have to register. No transcoding and max of 15 calls. I think I am going to be OK. It will be an interesting exercise.