Hardware IP Phone with VPN Support?

Hey All, I been looking for a hardware IP phone for my FreePBX Server that support VPN. I have my Server in my Datacenter and right now we connect Via our Smartphones with a SIP Phone Client (like CSipSimple, for Android) via VPN on our smartphones to the Data center. We would not like to open the SIP ports to the public so we can cut down on hacking attempts and etc.

So I’m looking for a Hardware phone that connect to a VPN Server (Windows 2008 R2 VPN Server) so that it can then connect to the FreePBX Server. I cant find this info on phones in the details of all providers i’m looking at I know the Shoretel System works sorta like this (it’s needs a VPN Applance and the Phone connects to the Shoretel VPN then to the Shoretel Server)

Thanks for all your help!

Yealink have OpenVPN support.

ah ok thanks! i would have to look into making a open VPN server then. thanks for reply!

ALSO would one know if there is an addaptor that would link my old phone (pstn phones) to the FreePBX? i see afew out there for this but no one can tell me for sure if its with FreePBX well. also would that have VON support? we would not like to have ports open to public :frowning: even though iy would be great to have we just dont like how its insecured and hackers love SIP servers lol

No ATA’s with SIP support. You could have the ATA register dynamic DNS then set a rule in your firewall to only allow that URL in.

Most any SIP ATA’s will work including FXS ports in Cisco routers. The Cisco SPA series (small business, the old Linksys stuff) is the most popular and works great.

The Mediatrix stuff works well also.

awesome! thank you for the quick replys and the info.

wait, what so tou mean no SIP support? how donthey register?

I updated my typo, sorry