Hardware for a Trixxbox machine

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I want to kill our running SLES 9 x64 Asterisk PBX and want to install Trixboxx instead of SLES9.

I only want to know if i can install Trixxbox on an Fujitsu Siemens Primergy RX220 with two Opteron X64 CPus and one SATA drive without any Problems?

The second question i have, what is better for an PBX system, one SATA drive without RAID or 2 SATA drives RAID Level 0 (double speed)?

Yesterday ive succesfully installed Trixbox on this Fujitsu Server on only one SAtA drive without any problems:

To get my TE110P Card work and to telephone to the outside :slight_smile: ive done the following steps:

  1. ive edited my /etc/zaptel.conf (this card is working in E1 mode)
  2. ive edited my /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf (group set to 1 group=1)
  3. in zapata.conf ive bundled the channels 1-15,17-31 to group1
  4. over the AMP/Freepbx ive configured the Trunk zap/g0 to zap/g1 (the same group as in zapata.conf
  5. outbound dialing Route set to X|.
  6. Configured some IAX/SIP accounts
  7. Started idefisk and login with my acount
  8. ive tried dialing my cell phone with an 9 before my real number (e.g 9 0174/XXXX)
  9. my cell phone rings !