Hardphones working but Softphones are NOT

Hello FreePBX Forum people!

The way we have it set up @ my work is that we all have a hardphone @ our desk, that we dial *15 and then log in with our extension/pwd. This allows us to move desks/phones freely. We also work remotley, so we have softphones that we do the same thing. During my testing, I was able to make and receive calls via the Hardphones both internally and externally.

Currently the Softphones are able to do the following.

  1. Receive internal Calls from soft/hardphones
  2. Make Outgoing Calls

But they are missing the most important feature, the ability to receiving calls from the outside.

Note: All calls come in via Queue, nothing directly to a phone # or extension.

I’m sure you will need more info, even a pointer on what to look into to fix this, would be much appreciated!

Asterisk 11
FreePBX 12
CentOS 7

We use Device and User mode, and when I pulled over the Tarball from our old system, it “enabled” the setting but it didn’t take, this cause lots of random little issues like the one above. I fixed it by going to Advanced Settings and chosing “Extension Mode” then hitting Apply, then setting it back to “Device and User” mode and hitting Apply, then the User/Device menu and a few other menu’s magically appeared and this issue resolved itself!!! Now all inbound and outbound calls are working as expected, almost there! just a few more kinds like CDR Reporting and custome Survey module not working!

Glad you got it sorted. Great to hear about yet another successful use of Device & User Mode to meet real-world business needs. :slight_smile:

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