Hardphones (Polycom 301's) randomly stop working and audio issues

Hello everyone,

I recently got 7 Polycom 301’s to use with my office. Currently 6 of the 7 are in use. I switched to the Polycom’s from Bira 3 (which I personally love, but my employee’s demanded ‘real phones’ ha ha)

I am having a few weird problems:

1.) When incoming phone calls come in my employee’s lose sound (on the hard phones). A remedy to this that I found is to place the caller on hold for a split second and take them off or to enable Do Not Disturb when they are on the phone. When I do this my employee can hear the person again. The sound issue does not affect my softphone, only the polycom 301’s. I don’t know the technical side of this, but it seems that putting them on hold refreshes the connection.

2.) Another annoying issue I have is it seems that some of the Polycom 301’s stop recieving calls after a random amount of time. I’m not sure if the correct term would be that they are “unregistering” or such. I noticed that when I reboot the phone it works and can receive calls again. This seems to mainly affect 2-3 phones.

I used the built in End Point Manager to setup all of the hard phones.

Please let me know any and all commands to show whatever logs you may think that will probe useful.

I am currently running PBX in a Flash Purple edition.

Thanks again for your help and time!