Hard to explain but Please Help - Directory Problems

So When you call into our company and no one answers the phone it gives you the option to type their extension or press 9 to get to the directory. It asks you to type in the first three letters of their first or last name.

So for example let’s say you type 536 for Ken but there’s also some other names with the same numbers like Jen or Kem (you no whatever). It says to press # to be listed the options for 536 and this is where our problem starts

After # it says “For Ken please type 1, for Jen please type 2, etc”. If you type 1 it just keeps repeating that message “For Ken please type 1, for Jen please type 2, etc” when it should just call Ken. If you press 2 or any other number, it does what it saya and calls that person.

So for some reason when you press 1 it repeats the message and we cannot figure out why.

Is this a common problem? Has anyone else had this problem? Please help me!

Anyone know anything?

You didn’t specify what type trunks you are using, but in any case, My first guess might be some type of DTMF detection problem. There is a wealth of information on this(google “asterisk DTMF”). Have you looked at your logs to see what happens when the “1” is received? Is it being received as a “1” and doing something strange, or is it being received as something else?