Hard drive space for 2 locations and 2 voice mails one per location?

Hello i was wondering something my work has total of 20 phones and one pbx system each location is 10 phones and only 1 phone per location has voice mail. I was wondering how much hard drive space is needed to store 30 days worth of voice mails? the system they have is a core 2 quad with 8gb of memory. Oh forgot is the memory also enough and Cpu speed okay specs?

You will have to get out your calculator, each second of a *.wav file is 16kB , so a little more than 1MB per minute, *.g722 is 50+% , gsm and .WAV about 10+% of *.wav.

only you will know how to calculate how many seconds of voicemails per month you will actually use, though.

Thank you Dicko They have right now a 160gb hard drive. granted that only a few Gigabytes are taking by the Of and freepbx Distro. then about 100GB is left that should be okay. Also Granted that they delete the voice mails too lol. So overall i think they are okay.