Hard disk getting full

Hi all!
The hard disk on my Asterisk server has reached 75% full. The guys that installed the system did not metion anything about backup, etc.
I have 2 questions:

  1. What data is taking up this disk space? Is it call records?
  2. What options are there for backing up this data and freeing up some hard disk space?

Bump. Same question.

It could be logs, call recordings or archived backups (or a combination of the above).

I thought that could be the case, although it increased another % today, and we have only 5 extensions, 1-2 of which get used at all.

Is there direct access to the logs via the admin interface?

Logs? Not sure what logs you are speaking of.

More than likely the backups are increasing exponentially.

logrotate -f /etc/logrotate.conf
find /var/lib/asterisk/backups/ -name *.gz" -mtime +30 -delete
find /var/log/ -mtime +30 -delete

will get rid of all the stuff over a month old you never apparently look at anyway.

Hmm, sorry I missed the “call recordings or archived backup” portion of your statement before.

It is not call recordings, or voice mails sitting in memory - we don’t do the former and the latter were all clean in our 3 extensions that have active users.

For the backups - since I am not normally the admin (I’m the company owner), what is being backed up? Is it the entire system software and settings, log files, call recordings, etc? Or just logs and calls?

There is a misuse of words here, your logs will cannot be increasing exponentially using the standard cron jobs, just linearly, that does not mean they will not be huge. A properly configured logrotate will purge such excesses in your logs, use the same or similar process to trim your backups.

perhaps someone set up a backup to run periodically that does not delete older ones.