Happiness With Sonicwalls - It can happen!

(Greg Snover) #41

That’s a good Idea - I will get some current Screen Captures together (Current Firmware) and put it up there.

(Westbrook) #42

using SIPStation as a failover provider to our PRI. PBX is behind firewall along with phones. The problem is when external callers call they do not get any audio (ringing, IVR, etc.). Outbound calls work just fine.

I have SIP transformation disabled and consistent NAT turned on.
I have a firewall access rule for the SIP station source IP to X1.

I see SIP packets traversing correctly but the RTP traffic is routed to the SIP providers SDP connection IP instead of their header source IP address.

SIP provider is SIPStation.

*update in my case the PBX was not taking care of the transformations for whatever reason so i had to enable SIP transformations on the firewall.