Hangup if no inbound route


I have 1000 DID (XXX001 - XXX999), but I use only 200 (XXX3XX - XXX4XX).

Is there a way to hangup the calls for witch there’s no inbound route?

Example: If I call +39XXX771, I don’t want to listen the default announce “extension not in use”, I just want hangup the call immediately.


There should always be an inbound route, even if it’s an “ANY/ANY” route. Set one up with a Hang Up destination and you should be good to go.

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ok, what is an “hangup destination?”


What @cynjut Dave is trying to say is create a new inbound route. Leave it as any/any and the destination should be set to simply terminate the call. Any did you have not created an inbound route then will hit this inbound rout and be hung up on.

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oh, thank you guys!

3 years with freepbx… never seen “terminate call” in destination menu! :slight_smile:

Check if “hangup” actually disconnects the channel. Our SIP provider asked us to set it to “play sip tone” or “congestion” so they actually terminate the channel.

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