Hangup call after external transfer?

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I’m transferring callers to an external number when they press a certain button. I’m accomplishing this but using a ‘phantom queue’ that just dials an external number.

It works fine… except asterisk maintains the call even after the transfer. It transfers, and in the asterisk cli i can still see the call connection until the user hangs up. How can i terminate the call on the asterisk server once the external number picks up? is that possible?

Probably not. Asterisk is a back to back user agent, meaning that it generally stays in the call path.

What are you trying to accomplish? If you want to get Asterisk out of the audio path (because your bandwidth is poor quality, limited or expensive, or you want to reduce latency), setting Direct Media for both trunks should work, provided that you are not recording, transcoding, encrypting, decrypting or listening for DTMF on the call.

If you also want Asterisk out of the signaling path, the inbound and outbound legs must use the same trunk, your trunking provider must support transfer via REFER request, and you will need some custom dial plan to issue the Transfer command. This is generally not useful, because the provider will still bill you (if applicable) for both legs of the call, and you will lose useful information such as the call duration.

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Or put a real SIP proxy between your trunks and your PBX.

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