Hang up from key / dial pad

Is there a feature code a person can enter during an active call to hang up? I have an elevator phone, and there’s no receiver, just a speaker, and no ‘hang up’ button (the elevator uses a code to do the hang up).

Any code would work, as long as it can be dialed from the phone.

I don’t have access to a phone server right now, so I can’t give you all of the details, but you should be able to set up a custom destination that can be referred to that points to “extention,h,1” that you can then associate with ‘#’ (for example). There are four places that you need to check - the two “custom whatever” and the two “misc whatever”. In one, you’ll name the “hang up” feature for the phone, in the other, you’ll associate a dial code with the feature name you just set up.

I know this is months from where you were, but assuming that the elevator is the one sending the DTMF, you could make a Misc Application that goes to the Terminate Call application, Assign it to some arbitrary extension (i.e. 900), and then have the elevator phone send ## {pause} 900#.

The ## will initiate a transfer, pause to give a second for dial tone, and then 900 being the extension, # to complete the transfer, transferring to a extension that hangs up on you.

Ack! I usually try to reply to my posts when I come up with solutions; Shawn nailed it though. I used that exact method to concoct a code to give the elevator company. They didn’t care that they had to dial ##900#, as long as it worked.

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