Handset - CISCO CP6941 - Divert All Calls to Mobile

Hello, I would like to program a button on the Handset to control the Divert at the FreePBX level bypassing Auto Attendant IVR and have all incoming calls to be diverted to my Mobile.

My knowledge is basic, I could not find anything on Google to help.

It looks like I need to program a ‘custom destination’.

Is there anyone kind enough who can provide a guide on how and what code to actually use to do this?

Make a custom extension that dials


divert your calls to that extension.

Great done that, can you advise how can i use the CISCO handset to divert to that extension? I see *72 Diverts all calls but where do I set the divert to the new extension?

sorry not a cisco guy, but *721111 if 1111 was the custom extension would work in most deployments, if your phone overides *72 then do it there.

All good thank you that works, wont worry about the button not hard to press *72


You might look at Follow Me and adjust the timings so the forwarding is instant.