Handling multiple DID's, trunks and outbout routes?

FreePBX_Distro current version
asterisk 11


So I thought I understood all this really solidly but I’m beginning to question it.

The Scenario:

Home Office
1 FreePBX system, 1 Sip provider, 2 DID’s (one for work, one for home)

I have one trunks set up to my sip provider.

I have 2 inbound routes, one for each DID. The work DID goes to my office IVR and then office desk phone, the home DID goes to a ring group of the extensions for the house.

All works perfectly fine…

outbound is where things get muddy in my mind.

I set up two outbound routes but they’re basically identical except for their Caller ID so I’m beginning to wonder why I even have different outbound routes. The original intent was that the house phones would call out via the house CID and the business phones would call out via the business CID.

But since both sets of phones need to essentially dial the same destinations (north American local and long distance) I don’t think I need two routes.

Essentially I just need to make sure calls from the house phones show the house CID and calls from the business phones always show the business CID.

I’ve accomplished this in the extensions module for the house phones by setting the “extension options => Outbound CID” to the house phone CID.

The business extensions I leave this field blank. Since the business outbound route is the first one in the list I imagine that all outbound calls hit this and display the CID based on whether the extension settings override the outbound route CID.

Is this correct? short of the new “Class of call” commercial module there’s no way to force certain extensions to use a specific outbound route with a specific CID is there?

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Yes that is correct unless you put the extension in the CID field of the route but since you only have one trunk that is a huge waste of effort.

Thanks Skyking.

So basically the second outbound route is just a wasted config since the dial patterns for both are the same.

Yes, just set the CID at the extension level.