Handling misdialed numbers

I am involved in a geriatric care situation and I would like to handle misdialed calls by the user.

For example:

User dials 555-2121, I want freepbx to instead call 444-2121.

Is this possible using a dialplan and a misc destination or something?


You can do pretty much anything with the right dial plan.

But the problem with misdialed numbes is “knowing” what will be misdialed to correct.

Good point. In this case I know based on the logs that the user is confusing a specific prefix because of a cognitive condition.

I successfully accomplished this by using both a Misc. Destination and Misc. Application to reroute the call.


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You could simply do it in your outbound route also. Prefix and prepend are your friends.


Won’t that dial 444-555-2121 instead of 444-2121 when the user dials 555-2121?

No, prefix is removed before prepend is done.

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