Handling misdialed numbers

(rilliam) #1

I am involved in a geriatric care situation and I would like to handle misdialed calls by the user.

For example:

User dials 555-2121, I want freepbx to instead call 444-2121.

Is this possible using a dialplan and a misc destination or something?


(Jared Busch) #2

You can do pretty much anything with the right dial plan.

But the problem with misdialed numbes is “knowing” what will be misdialed to correct.

(rilliam) #3

Good point. In this case I know based on the logs that the user is confusing a specific prefix because of a cognitive condition.

I successfully accomplished this by using both a Misc. Destination and Misc. Application to reroute the call.


(Jared Busch) #4

You could simply do it in your outbound route also. Prefix and prepend are your friends.


(rilliam) #5

Won’t that dial 444-555-2121 instead of 444-2121 when the user dials 555-2121?


No, prefix is removed before prepend is done.