Hand Jam Extensions in TGZ backup file vs. GUI

I am trying to add NUMEROUS extensions to my FreePBX install. Using the GUI is taking a very long time. Is it possible to unzip the backup TGZ file and modify the appropriate file using the keyboard? If so what is the correct file when I unzip theTGZ? Can I use notepad to modify it? What is the best packing/unpacking tool for a TGZ… 7-Zip?

I just know there has to be an easier way to add numerous extensions instead of using the GUI.

If you look on the Admin tab (or was it the Applications tab) there is a “Bulk Handler” option. This takes a CSV file (which you can create with Excel or OpenOffice). If you have the old system up and running, you can grab the CSV export from the extensions from the old system and pull them into the system that way.

I’ll give it a shot.