Hamshack hotline trunk disconnects incoming when using Misc Destinations

I have a hamshack hotline deskphone, i use it to call my hamshack hotline trunk number that is connected to my freepbx, freepbx answers using IVR and then Misc Destinations simulates as if this incoming call was just an extension on the freepbx, i dial a number that any extension on freepbx can dial, ie: 39 which connects you to my hamvoip raspberry node, 40 seconds later it disconnects. I can dial using an extension on the freepbx to 39 and no problem. I can use the hamshack hotline again to dial my freepbx trunk and instead of dialing 39 I dial an extension number on my freepbx, ie: 900, no problem stays connected all day if I want. so why do my freepbx phones dialing 39 work just fine but when Misc Destinations dial, they timeout.

Sounds like the channel was disconnected due to lack of RTP. Does audio work in both directions before the call drops? Are you able to see the cause logged in the full log for one of these calls?

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