Had an outgate in as 16.12 No sure what happened trying to do an rca

I had a outage occur but aserisk didn’t stop running, the probem was sip devices could register but could not make calls.

If a pjsip client was logged in to queues it woudl continue to get calls. but any calls out was met with dead air and hangup and no messages in CLI.

I could see the aor there and gone.

To fix i endedup resarteting asterisk.
I have some ingae SBC units for clients to use. They logged SIP/482 Loop Detected

During every minute of the outage I have calls that worked but no user that wasnt logged in could call to login. I don’t have it recorded if non queue calls inbound would work. Outbound did not internal clients.

Any ideas on what would have failed?

I really am suspecting a problem in pjsip. but here is such a lack of log data to substantiate it. I know a restart of asterisk corrected the issue.

It’s entirely possible, but your version of 16 is over 2 years old and Asterisk 16 itself is no longer supported for bug fixes. It is entirely possible that it was an issue that was resolved.