Had an invalid emergency

I am preparing a FreePBX

for the moment it has no active trunk to make and receive calls

the interiors are registered but

I received this message, and I can not understand what it means …

Device Dora (49) had an invalid emergency callerid and was set to blank

Vito that is marked as a critic I might ask support

On quick create in previous versioms emergency cid was set to the description. Sending this to a carrier could be an issue. So logic was added in the upgrade to see if the emergency caller id matched the description and was not all numeric. If these conditions are both true it simply sets the emergency caller id to nothing. The alert is there to let you know the change happened. You can dismiss the alert

I understand it now, thanks

For anyone who sees this the scope can be a bit larger. Apparently this condition will occur on things like webrtc extensions. On large systems this can be obnoxious. In the next update we will clear the individual notifications and replace them with a unified notification so people can delete 1 instead of 5000.