HA with FreePBX


I am looking at putting together an HA config using Trixbox with FreePBX. I have 2 identical Intel BladeServers. I already have them setup identicaly with 1 phone programmed on both. The phone is an aastra 480i that supports dual registartion for a backup server.

What I would like to see happen is that all data except trunk data be duplicated to the second server. This would be great for any HA environment. If server 1 goes down the phone is already reged with server 2 and you don’t mis a beat.

Any opinions on this?

Randy Q

i’m not 100% sure about your question but i use DRBD, Heartbeat and floating IP to build HA servers for our clients (active - passive).

in case master crashes slave will automatically take over (fail over time 20 seconds).

we also do active active clustering more or less same princip but we put load balancer in front of the two asterisk server.

hope that helps…


Dear Daniel,

Could you please tell us in details how did you achieve redundancy
by Heartbeat+DRBD

because i tried some advices on internet, but they didn’t work successfully.

So please tell us the steps in details or you can point us to the document that you used.

Thanks a lot.

For the record/google: http://freepbx.org/news/2010-05-30/high-availability-backup-and-restore