HA question with regards to upgrades/asterisk changes

I am about to deploy my first HA installation and I had a question. I have looked at the wiki but am looking for some clarification. It appears that with HA if I go to the floating IP, I can update my modules no problem. This will then make the change on both servers. Am I also able to go to the floating IP and upgrade from 13-19 to say 13-20 when it comes out? Also, what about changing versions of asterisk? Can this be done on the floating IP? Thanks!

Updates must be applied twice, once to each node. Wiki:

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I had a feeling that was the case. If I connect the two systems do I need to program that eth port in network settings or will the HA just assign it a network between them?

If you are using the FreePBX HA solution, the setup will build the cluster automatically.

Excellent. First time using the FreePBX HA. Looking forward to it

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