HA question regarding Failover

I am currently testing freepbx HA and when i fail over from the pri to the backup asterisk appears to break and doesnt start.

my floating IP becomes unavailable via the webgui. I am able to ping the floating IP but all other access has stopped

I get the following error in the webgui when i bring up the other freepbx HA node

2015-01-14 15:53:01: drbd_asterisk on freepbx-b was unknown error
drbd_asterisk has failed 2 times and will not start on freepbx-b

What im doing is i have freepbx-a which is my primary then i have freepbx-b the slave.

I unplug the power to freepbx-a to simulate a power outage to the rack the pbx is in and would expect the fail over to move to freepbx-b but this is where i get the above error.

when i log into the freepbx-b there is a symbolic link asterisk -> /drbd/asterisk/etcasterisk

This link is broken on freepbx-b when i check the link on freepbx-a the link is fine.

Any ideas on what could cause this?