HA Initial Sync Time


I just brought up my first freepbx HA cluster and everything went very smoothly. I noticed the initial sync is still going on and it has been about 7 hours, and its just about 50% done. The 2 hosts are connected directly with a cable on their secondary gig eth ports, no switch/firewall involved on the link between the two hosts… This seems like an awfully long time for the initial sync to take place, do I have something to worry about or is this normal?

Thanks for any advice!

Depends on how large your hard drives are. It has to do a block level replication and it can take hours. With 250GB drives it is usually 4 hours.

Ahh ok, that makes sense. It finished replicating this morning and all is well. They were 3TB drives, so it took about 16 hours. Thanks for the response.