HA Fencing with VMware ESXi / vCenter

The Wiki documentation is a bit unclear here. In a vSphere HA environment, the FreePBX guest may be passed around from host to host as necessary due to maintenance or other host availability issues. Are we allowed to connect to the vCenter server instead? Additionally, it is unclear what permissions the account used to manage fencing must have (assuming you want to maintain VMware infrastructure using best practices for minimal permissions assigned to each account).

You should be connecting to the vCenter server 8) The permissions are up to you, every site is different. There is a button that will actually power on and off a VM, to make sure it’s working.

The most important thing is that there can’t be any spaces in the Cluster Name, Folder name, or Hostname. The Linux-HA Client and VMware Fencing Agent can’t handle that. Also, dont’ be too clever with your password - use something like this:

dd if=/dev/urandom bs=3 count=50 | base64

Pick a random string from the middle of that, and use it as your password. Any special characters (!, ;, #, etc) will cause problems, too.

Ugh. That’s just evil. I get the absolute lack of fun and excitement that goes around with passing variables with spaces between UNIX processes and scripts (I’ve got plenty of experience, including using SSH to launch scripts and process return data on other hosts), but changing these names just makes a huge mess all over the place - management and automation tools, backup systems, etc.

Not so much, since it’s inception linux has always required escaping some ‘reserved’ characters , space / ’ ` " [ ] { } being a few, if you have encompassed linux, you will know that and avoid under all circumstances if you can. This is all in linux 101