HA error logs?

I had an issue this morning with two HA systems and I’d like to look back through the logfiles for HA. It doesn’t seem to be located in the standard cli log location. Is it stored somewhere else? thanks

Mvogel and I work together. In this instance the customer complained that at approx 8:40 this am ALL the phones quit working. They could not call outside the office (two separate SIP trunks) and they could not call amongst themselves. The end user ended up rebooting the system at approx 9:10. I have spent the afternoon looking through all the logs that I can find. I cannot find any reason or mention of the phones going offline. I do see them coming online after the reboot. Can anyone suggest where / what log files might show what happened? I looked in the boot log and it showed the system booting fine. At any rate, since this is a HA system shouldn’t the mirror system kick in? The primary system was the one they rebooted and the one working (active) now.

It should of failed over but the logs would.be the same place as any normal install in /var/log/asterisk/

Have you tried a manual failover to the standby from the GUI.

Also if you have active maint on the HA module you can get support from Sangoma.

Hi Tony,
So I was looging in the right places then. We have not tried a manual failover, this system is only a feew months old, and it hasn’t been easy. I put a ticket into Sangoma. They have worked on this system Re: HA so we will see what they say.