H323 and G729?

I have recently installed a brand new system on HyperV (Virtual Machine) I am experiencing some call quality issues and wondered if I needed to do anything to use G729 codecs?

I forgot to mention that I am using FreePBX 2.5

Virtual Machine = call quality issues.

A virtual machine does time slicing of the CPU and when you disrupt the critical timing of delivering voice packets you WILL have issues. Using a compressable codec will only increase the issue as it’s using more and more of the CPU to do the compression/decompression.

VM’s are great for testing, making a sandbox or playground, but if it is important don’t skimp out and run it in a VM! Get a dedicated system to handle it. You can get a emachine from Walmart for under $400 that works perfectly.

I have switched to a custom built in house server with a sangoma 2 port FXO card and it works perfectly (after a small amount of help from the guys in Canada).

This has solve a lot of other small issues I had with the system.

Do you think that there is a way around the quality issues with Hyper V??

Thanks again

Hyper V is not the issue. ANY virtual machine technology get’s in the way as it time slices the CPU and if it can’t send the packet at the right moment to get the audio there on time, it will always sound like crap and/or slow.

It’s like building a formula one racing car. Yes to can spend a million for the top of the line engine or you can go cheap and get a VW engine. Both will get you to the finish line but only one will give you a shot at winning the race.