H264 problem

We have a Freepbx box running Freepbx with we want to use for video calls. To do this we are using a few different type of phones.
We are using a few Polycom VVX600 and Yealink VP530 phones.

When we call between these two phones video(H264) is not working. Wen we use the H263 codec there is no problem. We made some traces to see if we could figure out why, but cant find problem in there.

When we also disabled reinvite the H264 worked as it should.

We also tested with 3cx witch dos not show the same problem.

Hope someone can help with this problem so we can re-enable reinvite.

The first Re-Invite to activate the video stream is not sent to the second device, so the stream is not setup.

We need to make an Hold to force a ReInvite to the other device and then when we come back the stream goes up.